Meet Us

Gordon MacPherson

Managing Partner

Gordon is the Managing Director at The Retailer Group and is our lead partner on a number of major retail accounts in the UK and internationally.

Gordon Bell

Founding Partner and Chairman

Gordon is The Retailer Group’s founding partner and chairman, having started the company in 1997. The business has grown rapidly over the years.

Lynda Murray

Senior Associate 

Lynda specialises in visual merchandising and prides herself on creating design solutions that focus on the appearance of stores and their sales results.

Cameron Bell

Senior Associate

Cameron is The Retailer Group’s senior cyber security adviser. He has led international programs across cyber security, connected logistics…

John Cowan

Senior Associate

John specialises in training and business operations. Projects he has successfully managed include The London and Rio Olympics, Commonwealth Games…

Chris Turner

Senior Associate

Chris is The Retailer Group’s digital marketing lead, working with clients on their e-commerce websites, SEO, content and social media and demand generation.

Jerry Carter

Senior Associate

Jerry has extensive experience as a senior associate with The Retailer Group, overseeing operations, loss prevention, finance and outsourcing support services.

Stephan Reigel

Senior Associate

Stephan is The Retailer Groups hospitality expert. He has extensive experience and is highly knowledgeable on all aspects of the international hospitality industry.

Kathryn Horsfall

Senior Associate

Kathryn is a senior associate with The Retailer Group, specialising in buying, merchandising and design. She is a creative fashion professional…

Jean-Marc Murre

Senior Associate

Jean-Marc has 40 years experience of successful sales, marketing and management experience within the destination, hospitality and travel industry.

Paul Wareham

Senior Associate

Paul specialises in visitor attractions and heritage sites. He is an accomplished operator with expertise in buying and range planning…