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Good systems support processes, which in turn, support your team. Having effective systems and, importantly, robust processes is key to operating efficiently and saving costs. We analyse and map the current process in all projects we manage before putting together an improved process after weighing up the various options. We have considerable experience managing projects often in complex situations.

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The first step from an operational perspective is to understand the objectives and to map out – in detail – the current processes in place. Operations and sales teams require effective tools and training to ensure they can effectively fulfill their roles. Our associates have experience in large-format retail, multi-site operations and stand alone businesses in the UK and internationally.



In both large and small businesses the basic principles apply in relation to sourcing. ‘Product is king’ and it’s more than simply selection or design. Price, profit margin, range planning and availability are all key elements in creating a product hierarchy. Whether a large business with multiple categories and departments or a small business where one or two people manage all aspects of sourcing, we can assist with the set up of robust systems and procedures that give structure to and support your buying team.

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Supply Chain

Effective supply chain management is essential in maximising value for your customer and in maintaining a competitive advantage. There are two core streams that are linked: the physical flow of product and the flow of information – both are critical. Conservation and sustainability are on many businesses (and their customers’) agendas and should be considered carefully. We tailor solutions to meet your needs, giving control to the day-to-day flow of goods into your business.

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Good EPOS systems are critical in modern business, and with appropriate reporting tools, will assist management teams to make decisions based on fact as they look for ways to save money, speed up productivity and increase sales.

EPOS systems are powerful tools if set up properly – the popular misconception is that they come end user-ready. We can identify the right system for your business, along with configuring the product hierarchy and KPI reporting.

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Building an effective ecommerce presence is not only about great design and layout. It’s also about thoroughly understanding your customers, their needs and what drives them when purchasing then having your website, app or social store translate those drivers into successful online sales. You must be where your customers are, understand their often complex shopping behaviour, and offer a seamless ecommerce experience which crosses from physical to digital and from mobile to desktop.

Our experts in this field have delivered e-commerce solutions across many product sectors in the UK and internationally.

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