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Where organisations require expert support to develop and grow, we offer practical solutions to both well-established destinations and new projects. We always recommend involvement from the project’s inception so that we can ensure plans are fit for purpose and costs are controlled.

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In a highly competitive market, visitor attractions must constantly evolve and be profitable in order to compete. We have operated in this sector for over 20 years and have a highly respected and experienced team. We deliver a one-stop solution across, retail, hospitality and admissions.

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We have successfully supported management teams in zoos, theme parks, safari parks, national stadiums, sports clubs, castles, gardens, wildlife centres, ski resorts, canals, distilleries, national parks, adventure parks, farm shops, historic houses, industrial heritage sites, boat trips, churches, tourist information centres, galleries and museums.

A case study - how we worked with Highland Safaris to plan sustainable growth

We were asked to

Review the business as it prepared expansion plans for this award-wining destination. The senior team called upon our bank of expert support to ensure the plans were practical and sustainable.

Our approach

We conducted a full review of staff structures, reporting lines, KPI reporting and inventory systems, along with a review of purchasing processes and operations. This resulted in the integration of financial reporting and accounts, new KPI’s with a promotional calendar alongside a long-term marketing plan.

The entire team were involved in the review and target setting process. We onboarded the newly appointed
manager to our mentoring and support plan.

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  • The owners enjoyed a deeper understanding of the business and had a clearer focus on the profit drivers and performance with the introduction of the new systems and processes.
  • Staff enjoyed involvement and ownership within their areas of responsibility with staff retention improving as a result.
  • The new manager enjoyed the support offered through the mentoring program, which built her knowledge and confidence.
  • The owners moved forward with another successful season, added a new experience and are enjoying continued growth.


Julie and Donald Riddell, Directors at Highland Safaris said:
“The support and guidance from the Retailer Group was invaluable and we now feel the teams have greater ownership and purpose, allowing the SMT to review the business at a higher level based on facts through improved reporting”.

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