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Strategic planning

Whether a new business or an established business, time invested in planning and mapping will be recouped many times over. Developing a project timeline that ensures all stakeholders are aware of their expected contributions is essential. Budgets should also be considered and reviewed to monitor progress. We offer expert support, utilising established structures we have developed from our experience working on numerous projects in various fields.

Strategic planning 1 Retail Strategy
Retail strategy

Put simply, the retail strategy is an end-to-end marketing plan for a product or a service that reaches consumers. The strategy covers everything from the retail channels to the price or sales incentive and displaying the product on the shelf. We can assist with more complex strategies with interdependencies across larger businesses or with simpler strategies for smaller businesses.

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Product range

The journey starts by understanding the targeted customer and their drivers. This knowledge allows process mapping of the product range, price, volume display synergies, seasonality and sourcing. In both large and small-scale operations the process to follow is similar, with the larger operations broken down into specialist areas. We provide the skills required to deliver a product range and can enhance your team’s skillset.

Strategic planning 3 store layout and designStore section

Store layout and design

We take a milestone approach to the design and fit out of stores and hospitality areas. Understanding the product flow and creating the look and feel you desire and which suits your business is key. We coordinate activities throughout the project, ensuring the finished shop fit works for your customers and allows the staff to operate effectively. We create practical solutions, ranging from low cost basic fit-outs to the creation of exciting spaces. Importantly, we always engineer costs to ensure you receive value for money. We produce 3D layout plans with a detailed bill of quantities which allows comparisons on a ‘like with like’ basis when the tender process commences, and complete clarity on expectations on the ‘look and feel’ you desire.

A selection of our Strategic Planning Clients

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A selection of our Strategic Planning Clients





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